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Wrong result, wrong trade direction

Trades appear with the Short direction while I have 95% of deals in Long.


This can happen in the following cases:


1) You have skipped one of the reports.


2) The reports have not been uploaded from the beginning of your trading. For example, you have started uploading reports from the 1st day of the month and by the end of the 31st day you had an open position.

For additional information on extracting trades using the service, see What is a trade? Attributes of a deal   Algorithms for automatic extraction of trades.

3) Reports have been uploaded in the wrong order (if “Ignore order during upload” is selected in the account settings, otherwise the service will not let you upload data in the wrong order).



There is only one solution to this issue: delete all trades and open positions (to do so you must select “All trades in the account” in the Delete dialog) and upload the reports once more.


You can also delete the trades up to the date when the error occurred. Once you have done so and the information reflected in your account is correct, upload the new reports again.

Example: You forgot to load the report from the 24th and you uploaded the reports from the 25th to the 31st. The results are incorrect. You should delete the trades from the 25th to 31st and make the account reflect the situation on the 23rd (if there were open positions, then you must enter them manually).

Next, upload the report from the 24th, and then the reports from the 25th to the 31st. If it is possible to generate a report spanning the 24th to the 31st, then upload that report.

The reports must be uploaded starting from the beginning of your trading, one after another, without skipping any of them.

If you do not want to or cannot upload the reports from the very beginning, you must first manually enter positions that were open at the beginning of the first report, and then you can upload the reports.

It is also useful to make backup copies (you will find more details about this in the section Backing up trades). This will offer protection against a common problem: “I wanted to delete only the marked deals, but I accidentally deleted all of the trades”.