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Setting the instrument label equivalents

Some brokers use non-standard names of instruments in their reports, and at the same time they provide no national identification number or ISIN. To be able to upload reports from such brokers you must use this setting


If your broker uses the same instrument codes as in our directory, then you do not need this setting and you will not see the control elements described in this section

To set the correspondence between the names of instruments in the report and the codes in our directory, you must:

1. Open the account editing form (the “Edit” button on the accounts control panel)

2. Click “Set instrument labeling correspondence”

3. In the form that opens up, enter the labels from the report and the corresponding instrument codes, and click “Save”. You can upload instrument labels directly from the report. Attention! Before uploading the file you must save the changes in label equivalents if any.

4. After entering and saving label equivalents, close the label equivalents window and the account editing window.