Бесплатный курс "Управляй вероятностями"

Quick start

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To begin working with the service you need to:

1. Register at http://en.webmarketstat.ru/user/register. The only mandatory fields on the registration form are your e-mail address and password. Note that your e-mail address during registration must be the same as the address you will provide during payment.

2. Create an account. When creating an account, you must select your stock exchange and your broker or trading platform. Many people incorrectly select “All-purpose”. “All-purpose” is a report created manually by the trader. To upload brokerage reports you must select your broker.

3. Pay for the service (if you have not yet paid). For activation you must have money in your account. If you have not paid for the service yet, this is the right time to do it. For payment go to  http://marketstat.ru/#subscribe, select your rate and follow the instructions on the screen. Note that your e-mail address during registration must be the same as the one you will 

4. Activate account.

5. Upload the brokerage report file or trading platform file. To see what a report should look like, go to the section Connected broker reports and platforms

Reports should be uploaded in chronological order, starting from the beginning of your trading.


6. If everything goes well, you will see your trades and you will be able to see various statistical data.

7. To reflect the current deposit and committed facilities, you must enter deposit changes. The method do this is described here.