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Bulk editing of trades



Bulk editing of trades is provided for entering additional attributes for trades in a faster and more convenient fashion.


It often happens that some or many trades need to have one and the same attribute assigned, and in this case it is more convenient to edit the trades in bulk than to edit each trade manually with the editor.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to assign the same values to the attributes of multiple trades: 

1. Tick the boxes for the trades that you want to edit

2. Bring up the bulk edit form

3. Specify the attribute and its value

4. Click “Apply”

The value you have specified will be applied to the attributes of all trades.

The initial stop is set as the difference from the entry price (in the currency of the account), or as a percentage from the entry price. It is easy to fill in if your strategy has clearly defined values for stop-losses.

Example: We have an open long for an RTC future, the opening price is 100,000 and the stop is 300.

For the difference from the price we set 300.

As the percentage from the price, we set 0.3.


The set of attributes in the form depends on your account’s display settings. You can thus see only the attributes which you are actually being used in your work.