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Correcting the results of trades

Situations may arise when there are additional costs for trading than what is reflected in a report. This might be a commission or a fee for using a platform. To take these costs into account, we have created the tool “Correct Results”. This tool allows you to split any total into the results of several trades or to add a special trade which will be reflected in the table of trades and will affect the deposit statistics.

Korrektirovca sdelok

To split a given total into trades you must do the following:

1) In the trades management panel, click “Correction”

2) In the window that appears, choose “Make correction”

3) Enter the account (negative if an expense, positive if income)

4) Enter the period including the trades into which the given total will be split. Trades are selected based on the closing date, including the beginning and the end of the given period.

5) Choose the column that the entered amount will be saved in (correction or commission)

6) Click “ОK”

The amount will be entered into the “NET correction” column (it can be enabled in the display settings)

You can also use the correction to adjust the “pennies” which do not match the real deposit due to rounding up, calculation methods not matching the broker’s methods, or due to the floating exchange rate of the US dollar (the US dollar exchange rate is updated every day at 16:00) 4.00 pm

To add a trade that will correct the deposit statistics, do the following:

1) Click the “Correct” button in the trades control panel.

2) In the window that appears, choose “Single income/expenditure”.

3) Enter the date and time of income/charge-off.

4) Enter the amount (negative amount for charge-off and positive amount for income).

5) Click “OK”