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Backing up trades

Backup copies are intended to save trades and allow you to “make everything the way it was before”. This is useful when you are editing trades but you aren’t sure about the final results. A backup can also help in the event that your data is accidentally deleted.

For one account you can save up to five backups. If you already have 5 backup copies, you must delete one of the old backups in order to create a new one.

We recommend creating a backup before every critical operation, as well as after you have added new trades. This can protect your data from typical problems, e.g. “I only wanted to delete selected trades, but I accidentally deleted them all.”


How can I make a backup?

To create a backup you must:


1) Click on the button for creating a backup.

2) In the dialog that appears, enter a name for the backup and click “Save”.


When you have done this, all of your trades, open positions, and screenshots will be saved in a backup.

How can I restore my information from a backup?


To restore your information from a backup you must:

Click on the button to restore data from a backup.

In the dialog that appears, click “Restore” next to the copy that you want to restore.

Close the restore dialog.

 Once this is done, all trades, screenshots, and open positions will be deleted and replaced by those from the backup.

In the same dialog, you can delete any backup copies that you no longer need.

Attention! Operations on backup copies are irreversible.