Бесплатный курс "Управляй вероятностями"


An informant is a small picture reflecting in brief form the results of your trades and containing a link to view your account (if there is a link for viewing it).

To create an informant, you must:

1. Open the  "Show account" dialogue

2.  Click on "Informants"

3.In the bottom part of the window, enter a title for the informant (up to 15 letters and numbers), choose a picture in the color you want, and click “Add”

In the same window, you can find a list of your informants and delete them if necessary

Each account can have up to 6 informants. Duplicate informants (having the same picture and title) are not allowed.

To use an informant, you must copy the code and place it somewhere (such as on a forum as a forum signature). Note that forums and blogs often require different kinds of code. Forums usually allow members to use only BB code. Blog platforms like LiveJournal allow members to use HTML code. If you own your own site, then you generally need HTML code. Each informant has a switch to create the right kind of code. Informants are updated each time that you make a change to your shares or deposit. Keep in mind that an informant reflects the deposit, so you must enter it for the informant to work correctly.