Бесплатный курс "Управляй вероятностями"

Service description



Trader Statistics is a service designed for analyzing your statistics so that you can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your trading in financial markets. 




The service consists of a set of tables and diagrams presenting an array of analytics and allowing you to set any types of filters.



Operating principle:

The user uploads transactions from a brokerage report, from which trades are extracted using special algorithms.

Trades are saved in a database. For all completed trades, convenient tables and diagrams are generate


Getting to know the interface, initial settings, how to upload a brokerage report, and the functions of the control elements




Brief description of the analytics tables and diagrams that the service provides


14-minute video from Alexei where, using the Laser platform as an example, he gives clear and concise instructions on saving the report from the terminal and extracting trades from it. He also describes the functions of the Trader Statistics online service, and explains how to load everything into the Statistics Log in Excel format.