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Trades editor

The trades editor is provided for managing your trades manually.

Using the editor you can enter new trades, edit pre-existing trades, specify the main and additional attributes for trades, and open and close a position.

When you click on a line in the table of trades, additional information on the trade is reflected in the editor, such as the instrument name, sector, industry, day of the week, time range, trade duration, presence and comment.

To add a new trade, click “Add trade”. The fields in the editor for providing the required details will then become available. After this click “Save”. The editor will verify the completeness and correctness of the fields filled in and will add the trade to the table of trades. The trade will be added at the end of the table of trades regardless of the date and sorting set in the table. After refreshing or moving between pages in the table, the trade will be shown in its right place.

To edit an existing trade, select the trade in the table of trades, and then in the editor click “Edit”. The fields in the editor with the attributions filled in will become editable. After editing the trade, click “Save” or, if you have decided to cancel the operation, click “Cancel”.

To add an open position, click “Add open. pos.”, fill in the field shown and click “Save”. The trade will be added to the table of trades, and it will appear in a different color.

To close an open position, go to this open position and in the editor click on “Close trade”. By doing this, the attributes for closing the trade will become available, which you must fill in and then click “Save”. When saving, the already closed trade will be deleted from the “Open positions“ table and registered in the table “Shares”.

Open positions can also be edited and deleted by using the editor.