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Loading a brokerage report

To set up trades automatically, you must load the data from a brokerage report.

To do this, you should have a report from your broker or platform in the format shown in the examples of supported reports.

It is important to understand that reports should loaded in strictly chronological order, from the earliest to the most recent. Failing to do so can lead to incorrect calculations. This is due to the factor of closing open positions.

How to load a report

After you have ensured that your report is in a supported format and the table of open positions has been filled in correctly, you can load the report.

1. Go to the tab “Loading and editing trades”


2. In the panel for managing trades, click on “Load report”

3. In the form that appears, click “Choose file” and specify the location of the file containing the report on your computer. Then, click “Load”.

After some time, usually a few seconds, the form will close, and the trades that have been loaded will appear in the table of trades.


Description of the form for loading a brokerage report:

Choose file – Choose the brokerage report in the prescribed format

I am loading a report – loading a report from the brokerage or a report received from the trading platform.

I am loading a journal – loading information from a journal of statistics in Excel format

Use open positions – if this box is ticked, trades will be loading taking into account the open positions in the “Open positions” table, while if the box is not ticked, open positions will not be considered. This is enabled by default.

In some report types (usually from trading platforms), there is not enough information to load. For example, there are no dates or the commission is not taken into account. In such cases, the trade loading form will show additional details that need to be filled in.