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What is a trade? Trade features

A trade in the context of this service is a complete result of two transactions


Bought (1), Sold (2) and a financial result received. (For a short trade it is the other way around)

Each trade has unique attributes

Obligatory attributes without which a trade cannot exist:

Opening date (of the trade)

Opening time

Closing date

Closing time

Instrument (share, futures, currency pair)

Direction of the trade (L – long, S – short)

Opening price

Closing price

Amount (amount of shares in the trade)

Commission (costs for the trade)

Non-obligatory attributes are for building deeper analytics:

Initial stop – price of setting a stop. This is used to calculate the R coefficient (ratio of risk to reward). You should fill in this field with the value of the stop-loss price

Entry method, Exit method, Strategy, Valuation, additional analytics – for distinguishing the results of trades according to specific analytics with corresponding tables, charts and dependencies.

Comments – for each trade you can leave comments and clarifications

Screenshots – you can have up to four thumbnails for one trade.


Service attributes:    

Date and time trade was loaded – the system marks the date and time that trades are loaded, so they are easier to edit, if necessary.

Net Adjustment – additional transaction costs that change the final result


Trades can be entered into the service in two ways.

1. They are automatically extracted using special algorithms when the broker’s report is loaded, in which case ALL obligatory attributes are automatically filled in.

2. They are entered manually by using the built-in trades editor


If needed, additional attributes can be entered manually using the trades editor or by using the mass-edit functionality,


Additional attributes affect the generation of the diagrams and charts located in the section “Trading style statistics”.



Within the system, trades with their attributes are located in the table of trades in the section “Loading and editing trades”