Бесплатный курс "Управляй вероятностями"

Editing the account

To change features of the account such as its name, stock exchange, broker, or commission calculation settings, click the “Edit account” button (1) on the accounts control panel. The account editing form will  appear.


In this form, you can modify the following settings:

Stock exchange, broker, name of account (2). Note that when you change the stock exchange, all trades will be deleted, and that after changing the stock exchange you will also have to change the broker.

The method of calculating the commission (3). By default, the commission is taken from the brokerage report. A fixed commission can be set either as a percentage from the amount of a trade, or as a specific amount. When entering the commission as an amount, for American stock markets the amount of the commission is entered in dollars for a trade of 100 stocks; for other markets it is entered in the currency of the account and for each transaction (order) with one stock.

Methods for generating trades (4). You can read about different ways of creating trades here

Methods for saving open positions (5). Open positions can be combined based on the direction and the instrument, within one day or regardless of the date.

Ignoring the order during upload (6). By default, the dates in the report are checked: you will not be able to upload a report if you have already uploaded one from the same day or with a much later date. This setting allows turning off the date control. It is not recommended that you change this setting, since it can lead to trades being generated incorrectly.

Settings for groups of traders (7). You can read about these in detail in the corresponding section of this reference.